Your Financial Specialist Serving Southern Northern California Since 1985

Top Leading Financial, Inc. a real estate service provider of mortgage lending in California. We understand for most people, their home is the biggest asset in their life. Therefore, with experience since 1985, we are dedicated to provide great services and money saving programs to our customers.

Top Leading is the approved broker by Fannie Mae and most leading lenders in the industry, due to our long term relationship with them, Top Leading eventually become the“Preferred Broker” by these lenders. We also have great relationships with our business affiliate such as title, escrow, or appraisal companies. With this advantage, we can easily get lower pricings and extra discounts for our borrowers.

During a purchase transaction, speed and timing are critical criteria in this hot market. In this “e-Generation,” our technological enhancement has the interface of “online submission” link with all of our lenders, which saved great amount of time for our customers, so you can own the home of your dream.

When the economy is down, we helped customers refinance with low rates, and save you money with low payments and fast pay-offs. Our “Cash-out” programs allow our customers to convert home equities into cash which can be used to buy a car, remodel a home, consolidate debts, contribute to a retirement account, or even fund their children’s education.

From our point of view, a customer is not just a customer, but a friend. Therefore, other than saving time and money for our customers, we also provide outstanding personal services. To us, customers are not supposed to be treated like a file number or property address. We know you by person, and the service, it’s personal.

Our philosophy is, “There is no secret for success, but knowledge and service.”